The research centroid Globalization brings together a large number of economic and legal researchers from different research units at the Catholic University of Leuven (K.U.Leuven) and at associated research partners H.U.Brussel and Lessius University College. Many of these researchers have collaborated intensively in the past, which is reflected in joint publications and research projects (see members' individual homepages). The following research units and senior researchers are active in our network:



1.       K.U.LEUVEN
2.       LESSIUS Hogeschool Antwerpen
  • Ysabel Nauwelaerts

  • Ilke Van Beveren

  • Gerrit De Vylder

  • Filip De Beule

  • Martine Cools

  • Karen Crabbé


3.       Hogeschool-Universiteit Brussel (HUB) - Research Group Globalization, Innovation and Competition

  • Kristien Coucke

  • Karolien De Bruyne

  • Noël Houthoofd

  • Stijn Kelchtermans

  • Yves Montangie

  • Cindy Moons

  • Ann Pauwels

  • Yves Segers

  • Annabel Sels

  • Jan Van Hove

  • Stijn Vanormelingen

  • Eline Poelmans

  • Peter Teirlinck

  • Mark Corner

  • Daam Van Reeth