Research Aims


The research centroid “Globalization” studies a broad range of research topics related to globalization. Globalization is studied both from an economic and a legal perspective. The creation of this research centroid has a double purpose. On the one hand it aims at intensifying the existing collaboration between the participating researchers, taking into account the research topics our partners have been specializing in. On the other hand it provides an active forum to researchers in order to stimulate joint research. With the latter aim this research centroid joins the international tendency to analyze the consequences of globalization from diverse, potentially multidisciplinary points of view.


The characteristics and consequences of globalization are the central research theme analyzed by our researchers. In order to improve collaboration in practice, we are organized in four thematic research clusters, which are schematically summarized in the figure below. Four clusters can be distinguished, namely:

  1. Economic Development
  2. Multinational Companies
  3. International Trade and Economic Integration
  4. International Law


As the figure indicates, both research topics specific to each cluster and research topics related to more than one cluster – or even all clusters – are studied.